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 The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method is indicated  for

  1. morbidly obese, level II and III  obese patients who need to lose a modest amount of weight in order to to be eligible for bariatric surgery in the operating room (in other words they are too big for the O/R table) ;

  2. overweight patients (BMI 25 - 29)  who would otherwise be candidates for liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, and other procedures but need to restore themselves to a healthier state by reducing their overweight condition;

  3. modestly overweight patients plus level 1 obese patients who are dedicated to achieving their goals will not likely need any other method of weight control than the Options Weight Loss Coaching Method ;

  4. any patient who is not a candidate for bariatric surgical intervention but who has a need to reduce weight.

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