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"The Options Weight Loss Coaching Method acknowledges the mental health, lifestyle & behaviour aspects of obese patient life and derives from constant patient assessment and continued evaluation a custom, cognitive therapy for each person."
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Post Gastric Balloon Procedures

Options Weight Loss Coach

Post-Procedure Instructions for Gastric Balloon Patients
If you have any problems or concerns call 416-836-2497 at any time 24/7.

Our gastric balloon program requires you to follow a post-operative diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The procedure will only be effective in weight loss if you adhere to certain dietary choices. For the most part, this procedure will serve to train you to adopt healthier food choices.

You must be in contact with your Weight-Loss Coach (http://torontoweightlosscoach.com) and report weekly (usually on Thursdays) for personal counselling and or group sessions.

Your Weight-Loss Coach may have already given you a pre-procedure diet to follow. Immediately after your Gastric Balloon procedure, you must follow a purely liquid diet. This will run for three days, at which point, you will begin eating soft food for the next ten days. After that, you will be able to go back to normal eating, albeit with reduced portions as a result of the gastric balloon surgery.


After surgery, you will be advised to start taking multivitamins and mineral supplements. Centrum Chewable and Calcichew are two recommended brands. You want to adopt this habit for the next six months that you have the balloon in your stomach. During the first three days following surgery, you are to take only liquids. Go for at least eight cups of fluids a day. You want to sip slowly to give your body time to grow accustomed to the balloon.

Suggested liquids in the first four days:

·         Drink 8 Glasses of water daily. Be wary of your potential to become dehydrated if you are vomiting. If you have any problems or concerns call 416-836-2497 at any time 24/7.

·         Fruit Juices (No Sugar Added): Apple, Grape, Cranberry, Cran-Apple, and Cran-Grape juice.

·         Semi-skimmed milk one pint daily substitute soy milk or almond milk.

·         Herbal teas

·         Diluted fruit juice one part juice to one part water

·         Broth: Clear Beef, Chicken,  or Vegetable.

Others: Decaff Coffee (artificial sweeteners okay - Skim milk or Coffeemate Non-Dairy Creamer okay), Decaff Tea, Sugar Free Jell-0, Sugar Free Popsicles, No Sugar Added frozen Juice Bars, Sugar Free Koolaid, Crystal Light, Gatorade; Propel  (Gatorade light), Fuze Slenderize  drinks;  and water.

4 TO 10 DAYS

At this point, you can reintroduce soft food or well-blended food in your diet. Regular meals are in small portions. You want to use a tea plate in lieu of your dinner plate to control the amount.

Eat no more than the volume of your fist per meal.

It’s also important that you start enforcing the healthy diet advice that your Weight-Loss Coach/Dietitian assigned to you specifically. Each patient is different.

Eat three (four if necessary at the start) small meals throughout the day and avoid hard fruits and vegetables for the moment. It’s also a good idea to stay away from heavily seasoned food and continue drinking semi-skimmed milk (Soy or almond milk might even be better for you.)  At least half a pint of skimmed milk will do.

Suggested meals: (No white potato, no bread; no rice, no white of any kind except skimmed milk.)

Everything in a maximum of  1 to 2 tbsp portions unless otherwise specified

Breakfast: 3 tbsp porridge and 150 ml semi-skimmed milk

Lunch and dinner: lean meat, blended egg with gravy, mashed sweet-potato, and blended vegetables

·         In between meals: blended fruit or low-fat yoghurt

·         Before bedtime: blended fruit and or berries

·         In between meals, you can drink tea, diluted fruit juice, or coffee.

After 10 days

You can now start going back to a normal diet but you’ll have to avoid pasta as it tends to "stick" to the balloon. It’s also advisable that you drink water right after meals so as to rinse the gastric balloon. Your dietitian will also advice you to continue your intake of multivitamins and mineral supplements.

Avoid lying down right after eating, and in case you vomit right after taking your meal, you want to go back to a soft diet for at least three meals.

Suggested Solid Food:

Breakfast: ¼ pint of fruit juice (unsweetened), whole wheat cereal, a slice of toast and low-fat spread, or 3 tbsp porridge in ¼ pint semi-skimmed milk

Lunch and dinner:

·         60 g lean meat, baked beans, a slice of bread

·         1 to 2 tbsp pasta or cooked rice

·         1 to 2 tbsp mashed sweet-potato

·         2 boiled eggs the size of a small sweet-potato and without fat

·         A serving of low-fat yoghurt or fruit/berries