THE GASTRIC BALLOON - A Solution When Diets Fail

Toronto Weight Loss Coach Micheal

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Lifestyle, Cognitive and Behaviour Modification Psychotherapy Programmes for Addiction, Eating and Feeding Disorders and General Obesity.  Learn about Options Weight Loss Coaching Method.

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Are you tired of dieting, taking pills or going to those slimming clubs with no lasting results? Are you tired of losing some weight for a short period of time, gaining the weight back, and doing it all over again. This behavior is not working. Stop!

Researchers have shown that overweight people who keep trying to lose weight improperly tend to slow down their metabolism, causing them to not lose the weight. The body goes into a quasi-starvation mode because of the irregular caloric intake causing the body to store excess calories as fat. You gain weight!

Let's face it! No one wants to be considered lazy, slow, tiresome, dirty or even selfish for being overweight, which are common stereotypes. People can be very mean. The time is now to get back on track! We can help you look your very best.
Good news for you, this behavior can be altered! With specialists in the field of weight-loss at Options Weight Loss Coach, we will train you for up to 12 months to alter your life-style. This is an exciting and state of the art medical breakthrough.

Our Options Weight Loss Coaching program will prepare you for the installation of a gastric balloon and will further support you up to six months while you have the balloon inside you.

Gastric Stomach Balloon Weight Loss Program is a successful, safe, and life changing non-surgical procedure.